They’re listening…are you speaking up?

December 30, 2008

Looking for ways to make your voice heard as we move into the era of Obama/Biden?  Lots of folks in the eduverse want to give you a chance to do just that!  Look at all the bloggy-goodness that we have this morning!

The Forum for Education and Democracy wants you to chime in via Learning Matters.

They also have three questions they’d love to hear you answer here or by e-mail at

1. What are the best examples of high-quality teaching and learning you’ve had the privilege to experience? What are the key attributes of these experiences, and how can policies help support more of these experiences across the country?
2. Does the approach to whole-school governance in your school help or hinder the learning needs of children? If it helps, why and how does it help? If it hinders, why and how does it hinder?
3. In what ways is your school’s commitment to equity and access made more difficult by federal and state policies? How do those policies need to change so your school can more effectively meet the needs of all children?

There’s always the Obama/Biden transition team’s own web site.  Nothing like going straight to the source.

And to finish, NPR is asking people to share as well.  At least, some people.  Don’t miss what Eduwonk’s Andrew J. Rotherham  has to say.

Come on folks! The water’s finally just right- time to jump in and make your voice heard. It’s really the only way this democracy thing works, you know?